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This directory is highly visible in search engines and our supplier base continues to expand. Therefore, it only makes sense to advertise your services here if they relate to bulk water delivery. Even if you do not have a web site, you will benefit from cost-effective exposure to people actively & specifically seeking your pool water delivery service in your geographic area.

To advertise your service, choose a method below. Questions? Call 847-461-1944.

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Text Listing Only
$10 / Month
Prepaid 1 Year

Published on a first-paid first positioned basis.

- Company Name

- City or Areas served (limited text area)

- Telephone Number

- Link to your web site and/or email

- Show Types: potable, swimming, saltwater

- Truck capacity


Locks you in to the next highest "text" position available at the top of your state.

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Banner Ad

$15 / Month

Prepaid 1 Year


Max Size: 650w x 150h pixels

You may provide the banner image or we will make one for you free. Banner ads remain positioned above all text listings in its respective state.**


Banner can Include:

- Link to your Web Site

- Show Types: potable, swimming, saltwater

- Truck capacity

- Brief description of your services

- Service Areas/Regions


(**Published on a first-paid, first-positioned basis.

Each customer is limited to one banner ad position per state.

Read Policy at bottom of page.

Locks you in to the next highest "Banner" position available at the top of your state.

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Side Bar Ad

$5 / Month ($60/Year)

Prepaid 1 Year

You may provide the banner image or we will make one for you free. The number of side-bar banner ads per state is limited to available space at time of insertion. Positioned at top of state on first paid basis.

- Service Advertised must be related or of interest to the typical bulk water seeking visitor.

- Ad can link to a web site, email, and telephone #.

- Side bar ads not available to bulk water haulers

- Brief description of your services.

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Web Site

Are you a small business?

If so, you may not need a large, expensive web site, so why pay for one?

A modest 1 page site may be ideal for you. Highlight your services, show photos, offer testimonials, promotions, and contact information. Potential customers can click on your listing and land on your new web site to learn more about your services. Prompt a call or an email from there.

Do You Have a Website to Showcase Your Business?

We Offer a 1-Page Web Site Publishing Service for just $195

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Publishing Policy Change Posted 12/15/2014: As a general rule, ads are placed at the top of the state, published on a first-paid basis. All purchases for advertising (Banner Ad and Text Listing) positions are treated as requests for preferred positioning at
the top of a state. Note that Banner Ads are positioned above Text Listing Ads.) Since premium
advertising space inventory constantly changes, the Publisher, "BulkWaterDelivery.com/TributeMarketing", cannot
guarantee a fixed positioning beyond the prepaid term. The Publisher may change the terms set forth herein at any
time, provided that no such change applies to ads whose prepaid term date precedes the announcement of
the change. An advertiser may endeavor to retain a current placement, or move higher in the list, by paying well in
advance of the expiration date of their current term. In the event a different advertiser shown higher in the list does
not remit payment for a renewal, it may be possible to move upward to take that position since a prepayment is
in place. (A 10% Multi-Year discount is available.)

It is highly recommended that advertisers mark their calendars well in advance of renewal time, to promote chances of retaining or
improving their position in our directory. Prepay a renewal at any time. Just drop us an email and we'll send your invoice early. Please do not rely on the arrival of your renewal invoice to prompt you for payment and/or ensure your position remains favorable.  Electronic Invoicing can be easily delayed or lost in transit.

Thank you for advertising in our highly visible water hauler directory!  Regards, Lauren Pavoni, Owner


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